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Jey Uso Is Supporting Roman Reigns In Dream Match Against The Rock



Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made a surprise return to WWE on the ‘Day 1’ themed episode of Monday Night RAW and teased a potential match with his cousin, Roman Reigns.

In a recent interview with TNT Sports, Jey Uso expressed his excitement for the potential dream match between The Rock and Reigns.

While WWE hasn’t made any official announcement regarding the matchup, rumors suggest that the dream bout between The Great One and The Tribal Chief will take place at WrestleMania XL instead of Elimination Chamber: Perth.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On The Rock appearing at the ‘Day 1’ themed episode of RAW: “I didn’t know he was gonna be there and, you know, obviously everyone’s popping huge. We’ve been waiting on this, Uce … We want this. We waited on this. I wanna watch it. I get questions all the time ‘Rock or Roman?’ And if I could pick somebody, it would be Roman because he’s been in the game. He has The Bloodline with him.”

On how The Rock would do battling The Bloodline: “There’s no beating them… I’m so excited because people want to see that match and it’s a big W for my family. It makes me joyful. It’s breathtaking.”

On Reigns’ growth over his career: “He’s the blueprint of what hard work does and you can just never knock that.”

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