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Jim Ross Would Be Shocked If WWE Lets Becky Lynch “Slip Away”



Jim Ross believes that Becky Lynch would bring plenty to AEW, but would be astounded to see WWE let The Man slip through their fingers.

Lynch’s contract with WWE ended on June 1 and the former Women’s Champion is currently a free agent with questions sprouting as to what’s next.

On a recent edition of his “Grilling JR” podcast, Ross shared his belief that Lynch and WWE will eventually reach a new deal. He said,

“I would be very shocked if the WWE let her slip away. That doesn’t feel right to me. They got a lot of money invested in her. They got her over. She’s famous, she’s a main-event level talent, she’s broken a lot of molds. So I’m a big Becky Lynch supporter, and whatever she does, I’m pulling for her.”

Ross also discussed the possibility of Lynch joining AEW’s women’s division. He said,

“Obviously, I think we all could agree that if AEW was able to sign a talent of her level, it’s gonna help. She’s player, she’s a main-event level player. I think the world of her as a human being. You know my theory of hiring good human beings, she fits that mold perfectly. She’s terrific.”

Lynch herself has not publicly shared any plans as to her next move in wrestling and is instead focusing on daughter Roux and husband Seth Rollins.

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