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John Cena – ‘I’ve Never Taken Performance-Enhancing Drugs’



During a recent appearance on the “Howard Stern Show,” WWE Superstar John Cena claimed that he has never used performance-enhancing drugs and to this day is all-natural.

Cena said, There’s risk-reward there. If you hit the gas pedal too early, you can get a lot of bad stuff happen long-term. I love to workout. I love to. It’s kind of like my meditation.

When asked if anyone ever asked him to take drugs for a bigger WWE push, Cena said,

Not really. I’ve been 225 pounds since I was 17 years old. I always filled out my frame okay. I started lifting when I was 13. I guess that’s why. I never needed it. I’m not ruling that out. There will come a time. Time is undefeated. I get my bloodwork done three times a year. My testosterone is fantastic.”

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