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NewsWWEJohn Cena Refused Stunt Driver For WrestleMania 23 Ford GT Entrance

John Cena Refused Stunt Driver For WrestleMania 23 Ford GT Entrance



John Cena would not sit idly by while someone made his WWE WrestleMania 23 entrance for him, WWE veteran Bruce Prichard has revealed.

For the April 2007 pay-per-view event, Cena arrived at Detroit’s Ford Field in a Ford GT supercar ahead of his main event WWE title match with Shawn Michaels.

On a recent edition of his “Something to Wrestle” podcast, Prichard revealed that the driving of the vehicle in and out of the arena was all Cena. He said,

“They wanted to do a stunt driver that wore the helmet that you could then switch John into and John flat-out refused. John wanted a continuous shot and to go through the glass and stay right on him and get out and see, that was all John. 

“John just wanted to do it, you know? From my vantage point I was scared to death because it was Cena in a car, going way too fast, but John’s a great driver. So he loves that and he made it work and that adds something to it. It’s another level of respect.” 

Cena retained his title on the night and would hold the WWE Championship until October when he was stripped of the gold due to an injury.

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