Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Kamille – ‘I’ve Spoken To Shawn Michaels About Joining WWE’


Kamille’s future in wrestling is a topic of speculation among fans, and the former NWA star previously admitted to having interest from both WWE and AEW.

On a recent edition of “The Ten Count” podcast, Kamille revealed that she’s spoken with WWE NXT creative head Shawn Michaels. She said,

“Never say never is great in professional wrestling I mean, look at CM Punk going back to WWE. Literally never say never. Once again I just appreciated so much that that he’s even taking the time out to look at my work, to enjoy my matches, watch my promos. I had conversations with Shawn Michaels and I had no clue that Shawn Michaels had any idea who in the world I was and found out he was a big fan.”

She continued, “Stuff like that blew my mind and it was super humbling and amazing. To hear Tony [Khan] have such nice feedback when you asked him the question the other day, was really refreshing.”

During the AEW Revolution media call, Tony Khan said “never say never” regarding Kamille joining AEW and stated that she is “somebody we’ve scouted and somebody I have a lot of respect for and I’ve enjoyed her matches and enjoyed when I met her… She would certainly be a great fit in AEW at any time and certainly somebody we would keep under consideration.”