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Kevin Nash Recalls Getting Along Well With “Miserable Pr**k” Ole Anderson



Kevin Nash always got along well with the late Ole Anderson, perhaps because both of them were, as Nash believes, miserable pr**ks.

On a recent edition of his “Kliq This” podcast, Nash recalled his relationship with Anderson, who died last month. He said,

“He was a miserable pr**k, but he was a lovable pr**k. He was right up my alley… I’m a pr**k, so I got him. I always got him. I always got Ole. I never had a problem with him.”

Nash also recalled speaking to Anderson in the early 1990s when he was looking to get released from WCW in order to pursue a career in WWE. He said,

“He never looked up [from his desk] and he signed it.”

Anderson was a founding member of the legendary Four Horsemen. The 81-year-old death’s was shared on social media by Ricky Morton of the Rock ‘n Roll Express.

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