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Kevin Nash Recalls The Time Where He & Triple H Should Have Died



Kevin Nash recently took to his “Kliq This” podcast to recall a time when he and Triple H were driving to a WWE live event in Burlington, VT during a snowstorm.

According to the WWE Hall of Famer, the two men were in Montreal when they got a call to drive to Burlington for a live event. During the trip, the car’s electrical system began to fade out. The car eventually wound up dying out up the hill from a motel that they made it to.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the car dying in the snow: “I see the plow exit to the middle of the road. Well, this f**king snowplow, as it decides to go across, it doesn’t pick up its snow plow, it leaves a six-foot wall of snow across the highway… And then the lights inside of the car are starting to fade and the heat’s not as good.”

On discovering that the alternator was damaged: “I don’t know how, but maybe it wasn’t all the way snapped like we … we should’ve died. We should’ve been on the side of the road and died.”

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