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Kevin Patrick Reacts To His Release From WWE



Kevin Patrick recently spoke with Rick Ucchino on 700WLW to discuss a variety of topics, including his release from WWE.

According to the former WWE RAW announcer, the parting of ways between the two sides was amicable.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his WWE run and exit: “Absolutely loved my time with WWE. Nothing but love for everybody there. I’ll look back on my time there brilliantly, and I know I’ll go visit friends when WWE is in town, I’ll go say hi to everybody. I left very amicably with everybody there.”

On his new gig as the host of MLS 360: “Everything about this show screams me, and I hate to say it like that because it sounds egotistical, but it’s my dream job. It’s absolutely my dream job to be bouncing around the grounds, bouncing around through the goals, bringing you all the live updates. It’s me to a tee for anyone that knows me really well. It’s what I’m all about. So it is the dream job and it’s something that was so important for me to go all in on this.”

Patrick was released from WWE in January of this year.

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