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NewsWWELA Knight Hypes His WWE WrestleMania Debut Against AJ Styles

LA Knight Hypes His WWE WrestleMania Debut Against AJ Styles


LA Knight will make his WWE WrestleMania debut against AJ Styles this Saturday at WrestleMania XL (Night One) in Philadelphia, PA.

In a recent interview with Jim Varsallone, Knight discussed battling Styles this weekend.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On facing AJ Styles at WrestleMania: “Man, it’s big. Especially if you just look in the last year, where things were and where things have come, it’s a pretty crazy turn of events to consider everything in that context. To look at the fact that it’s me and AJ one-on-one at the 40th anniversary of WrestleMania — that’s a big one, that big round number, that 40 — and here we are in Philadelphia, only a couple hours up from where I’m from originally in Maryland … that’s pretty wild.”

On what to expect from his match with Styles: “I don’t want to throw those kind of predictions out there. You never know, and I don’t want to promise anything like that, but AJ is a stud, I’m a stud, there’s a lot of tension going into this match, there’s a lot of animosity, there’s a lot of energy going into this match. So, for damn sure, it could be as the kids say, a ‘banger.’ And will it be a show-stealer? I don’t know. Maybe. We’ll let history decide that one, but you bet your a** it’s gonna be a good one.”