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NewsWWELast Chance North American Championship Match Booked For NXT Heatwave

Last Chance North American Championship Match Booked For NXT Heatwave



WWE NXT North American Champion Oba Femi came out to the ring on the June 18, 2024 edition of WWE NXT to cut a promo about how he’s run through all his challengers. That prompted Wes Lee to come out to make his case for getting another chance at the title, but in a singles match, this time.

Femi wasn’t entertaining the idea until Lee brought up breaking records. Right now, Lee’s name is more synonymous with the North American Championship, not Femi’s. This appealed to Femi, who is very interested in setting new records with this title, so he was persuaded to grant that title shot to Lee.

However, he put forth another stipulation. This will be the last time Lee gets to face Femi for the title. As long as Femi is champion, Lee won’t get another title shot.

Lee agreed, and the match has now been made official for NXT Heatwave 2024.

Do you think Lee can pull it off? Or is Femi just too imposing and powerful for The Kardiak Kid to overcome?

Drop your predictions in the comments below!

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