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NewsWWELex Luger Praises GUNTHER, D-Von Dudley On His Inclusion In WWE 2K24

Lex Luger Praises GUNTHER, D-Von Dudley On His Inclusion In WWE 2K24



In a recent interview with Screenrant, WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley recalled his excitement upon learning about his inclusion in the WWE 2K24 video game as part of the recently released ECW Punk DLC Pack.

D-Von said, “[laughs] Listen, I got a phone call and they said, ‘We’re gonna put you in the new video game, what do you think?’ I go, ‘I’m getting paid, right?’ They go, ‘Of course.’ Then hell yeah, I got nothing to say. [laughs] WWE and the makers of the video games have always been good to myself and Bubba, so we never really had to put any input or influence on anything that was done in terms of that. They’ve always hit our signature moves, even down to our walk when we’re walking to the ring. Me getting up to the top rope, clapping my hands and coming up with the 3-D sign, they’ve always been good.”

The ECW Punk Pack for WWE 2K24, featuring The Dudley Boyz and CM Punk, was released this past week.

On a recent edition of his “Lex Expressed” podcast, former WWE Superstar Lex Luger delved into GUNTHER’s accomplishments and commended the former Intercontinental Champion.

Luger said, “I love his work. I love the way — just the tights and the boots. He doesn’t even wear his knee pads, like old school. he’s sort of a combo of [a] throwback and [he] can do the modern-day stuff as well. If you’re not a nice blend, he has a great look. His interviews have gotten better and better. I like GUNTHER a lot. He’s got the height and the size and just that look he has. I like GUNTHER a lot.”

GUNTHER will face Jey Uso in the semifinals of the 2024 King of the Ring tournament tomorrow night on WWE RAW.

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