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NewsWWEMark Shapiro Comments On WWE Possibly Running More Events In Saudi Arabia

Mark Shapiro Comments On WWE Possibly Running More Events In Saudi Arabia



Endeavor President Mark Shapiro spoke about a variety of topics on Wednesday’s TKO Q1 Earnings Call, including WWE’s relationship with Saudi Arabia and the potential of the company running more shows there.

As we reported earlier today, Saudi Arabia is expected to announce an “enhancement” to its deal with WWE soon, possibly at the 2024 King & Queen of the Ring pay-per-view event.

You can check out some highlights from the earnings call below:

On the company’s relationship with Saudi Arabia: “Let’s remember, we have a strong and healthy relationship with the Kingdom, through WWE, and doing two annual events a year. I’ll remind folks that those deals were primarily highly tied to Vince McMahon. There was a lot of speculation with Vince being gone, ‘would that impact the relationship in a negative way? Would they be looking to get out of it?’ I would say that Nick Khan, in particular has developed, sustained, cultivated, and nurtured a very strong relationship in a handoff from Vince. They have a lot of trust and faith in each other. We’ve been delivering on those events.”

On possibly doing more shows in the country: “Potentially, we could look to do more events, but nothing is planned beyond those two events at this time. We will be continue to look at festivalizing those WWE events more than we already do.”

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