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NewsWWEMaryse Moved As Brandi Rhodes Is Inspired By Her Pre-Cancer Battle

Maryse Moved As Brandi Rhodes Is Inspired By Her Pre-Cancer Battle



WWE personality Maryse has been greatly moved that her battle with a pre-cancerous condition inspired Brandi Rhodes to seek help.

Rhodes recently shared that after learning of Maryse’s health issue, she sought out help for the pain she’d been in for years and learned she’d been dealing with endometriosis.

Rhodes has since undergone surgery to help deal with the pain. Maryse had surgery to remove eleven lumps on her ovaries back in March of this year.

On her Instagram Stories, Maryse shared that she was in tears learning that her being open about her condition helped benefit Brandi’s life. She said,

“Literal tears in my eyes right now. There was a nervousness and a vulnerability from sharing intimate details about my health but I knew it was the right thing to do, even if it was to help just one person. I’ve heard many similar stories of women who have felt ignored by their doctors and @thebrandirhodes is amongst them. I am touched that my post reached her and encouraged her to advocate for her health and encourage every woman to keep advocating for yours. If you don’t like the answer, look elsewhere until you feel you are being heard.”

Brandi Rhodes appeared with her husband Cody at WWE WrestleMania 40 which saw the American Nightmare finish the story and become Undisputed WWE Champion.

Maryse has appeared alongside her husband The Miz in recent years. There’s no word on when either woman is next expected to appear for WWE.


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