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Matt Camp Recalls Vic Joseph Blowing Off Vince McMahon At WWE HIAC 2019



Former WWE broadcaster Matt Camp recounted a story on his YouTube channel about Vic Joseph’s reaction to Vince McMahon’s decision to keep the commentators at ringside following the conclusion of the WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 pay-per-view event.

According to Camp, Joseph was discontent with McMahon’s instruction, particularly in light of the negative crowd response to the main event, which saw Seth Rollins vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt end via match stoppage.

The live audience expressed their dissatisfaction by throwing objects at the ring. Joseph’s displeasure with being instructed to remain at ringside amid an agitated crowd was evident, while McMahon appeared amused by the crowd’s reaction.

You can check out some highlights from the YouTube video below:

On how Vic Joseph blew off Vince McMahon: “I went to catering, and catering was right next to Gorilla. I come in and I’m following behind Vic Joseph, who was on commentary. It was his short run calling Raw. I’m following behind him, and he’s walking up the ramp towards Gorilla. Vince is coming the other way. Vince is skipping, he’s giddy. He goes to high five Vic, and Vic blows him off. Now it’s me and Vince. I’m there a month. I’m going, ‘Uhhh.’ He doesn’t know I’m there and he keeps going.”

On why Joseph was upset with McMahon: “I found out that Vince made the commentators stay out there and Sacramento and that crowd was so pissed. They’re throwing stuff. I think Vic was upset about that. ‘Why are you leaving me out there to get pelted with crap?’ Vince loved the crowd reaction.”

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