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NewsWWEMatt Cardona Recalls WWE Wheelchair Segment With Kane

Matt Cardona Recalls WWE Wheelchair Segment With Kane



Matt Cardona recently appeared on “The Wrestling Matt” podcast where he discussed a wide range of topics, including his WWE feud with Kane in 2012.

Specifically, Cardona recalled a WWE RAW segment where Kane pushed him off the stage set while Cardona was in a wheelchair. He said,

“I thought the wheelchair thing is great. I mean it still pops up all the time, you know, and at the time, I thought it was part of the process. I could see why people thought it was a burial and, yes, it did end up storyline-wise leading to me not being featured on TV anymore and at the time it did feel like my hard work was being erased. But, like I said, I didn’t knock on Vince’s door, I wasn’t man enough back then to ask what was going on, I blame myself for that.”

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