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Matt Cardona Says The Miz Doesn’t Get The Credit He Deserves, Piper Niven/Drew McIntyre Note



Matt Cardona says The Miz doesn’t get enough credit for what he does.

Speaking on a recent edition of “The Wrestling Matt” podcast, the former Zack Ryder praised The Miz for being able to “do it all.” He said,

“The Miz can do it all. He is a natural schmoozer, he could talk. He’s somebody who can do media. He can do movies, TV shows, and he can go in the ring.”

He continued, “Some of my favorite matches with Miz, I’ll never forget, one time we had a match at Madison Square Garden and I know it’s gonna make me sound old, but we called it on the fly. We legit called it on the fly, and guess what? It was Miz calling the match, because he’s had so much time with John Cena when he was the champ. He is so good [and] does not get the credit that he deserves.”

Piper Niven has nothing but high praise for Drew McIntyre, crediting him for Saturday’s WWE Clash of the Castle pay-per-view event taking place in Glasow, Scotland.

The official WWE UK Twitter account posted a video of Niven and McIntyre talking about the event, which you can check out below:

And finally, WWE posted the following video featuring every current champion in the company:

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