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Maven Recalls Taking The Walls Of Jericho, News On This Weekend’s TNA TV Tapings



Maven recently took to his YouTube channel to elaborate on why the Walls of Jericho is the most painful move he ever took in WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the video below:

On being put in the Walls of Jericho: “I had never been placed in the Walls. I had no clue what the Walls felt like. I obviously have seen him put this move on other competitors but you don’t know how something feels until it happens to you. I would learn this lesson that night. Now the best way to describe what the Walls feels like for those of you who will never be a wrestler is: I know you’ve all jammed or bent your finger back and you get it to the place where it won’t go any further. Well, that’s what the Walls felt like that night as I saw my boots from an angle. I’ve never seen them before. Chris locks it in and goes back to a specific point, a point he probably does with other guys, and then from that position, he sat back a little bit further and I’m sure it was to teach me a lesson. You can see on my face as I tap out, that I completely am done. That’s not an act, that’s not me selling, that is sheer pain. That is the most pain I was ever in in that ring. I still can remember it.”

On taking the finisher years later: “Three years later, I would wrestle Chris again. By this time, I was no longer just the ‘Tough Enough’ kid. I had successfully paid some dues at this point. Again, I would lose to Jericho, and again, I would lose from the Walls of Jericho. This time, he didn’t put it in nearly as tight as he did the first time. I remember getting backstage. I didn’t tell him prior to the match, because I didn’t want him to try to even put it in tighter than he did the first time, but once we got backstage after the match was over, I did tell him that first match, Yeah, I’m ad this one didn’t resemble that one. In true Chris form, he grinned at me. Just to tell me, ‘Yeah, of course, kid. I have to make you earn it, kid,’ and he laughed and walked on. Chris did me a favor that night.”

TNA Wrestling will be holding a set of TV tapings in Newport, Kentucky this weekend, and they’ve announced the details for the Titanium Ticket package.

You can check out the official announcement below:

Titanium Ticket Package Details for TNA iMPACT! in the Greater Cincinnati Area
For Titanium Ticket Package holders at TNA iMPACT! this Saturday and Sunday, May 18 and 19, from the Megacorp Pavilion in the greater Cincinnati area (Newport, KY), here is what you will receive:

* Front-row tickets for both nights.
* First fans admitted into the arena; you will receive a wristband to be easily identified.
* Ringside Commemorative Photo-op after the show on Saturday.
* The first-ever Titanium Exclusive 11×14 photo.
* Collectibles Packet
* Raffle tickets for Memorabilia Prizes. Drawing will be held after the show on Sunday night and the winner must be present.

Titanium is the premiere ticket package for TNA Wrestling events, loaded with perks. Experience it at an upcoming TNA Wrestling event near you!

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