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Mick Foley – ‘Randy Orton Match Was One Last Chance To Do Something Special’



Mick Foley’s WWE Backlash 2004 match with Randy Orton was Mick’s final chance to do something special, the Hall of Famer has revealed.

The pair’s Hardcore match in April of that year is Mick’s favorite match of his career and saw the pair compete for Orton’s Intercontinental Championship.

In a recent YouTube video, Foley discussed the much-acclaimed match and how it felt different to the handicap match the pair were a part of at WrestleMania 20. He said,

“I felt like I had one last chance. I’d played it safe at ‘Mania, which is fine, but you don’t get into the WWE Hall of Fame by playing things safe and being fine. And I thought I’ve got this one last chance. I’ve got this amazing young athlete, and we’re in a situation where he can help me have the type of match I need to have to feel complete, and I can help him take that next step up the ladder. And it was a big step, but I wanted to do something special.”

Orton would retain the title, despite a gruesome spot with thumbtacks. Orton would lose the title to Edge at WWE Vengeance 2004 in July.

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