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Mika Rotunda Comments On The Debut Of Wyatt Sicks



Monday’s episode of WWE RAW concluded with the surprise return of Uncle Howdy, played by Bo Dallas, and the introduction of the new Wyatt Sicks faction, featuring real-life versions of Ramblin’ Rabbit, Huskus The Pig, Mercy The Buzzard, and Abby The Witch, with Nikki Cross portraying Abby.

Mika Rotunda, the sister of Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy, took to Instagram to comment on their arrival. She wrote,

“Windham talked a lot about hurting in his character. He would describe real life pain and scenarios as a way to kind of harden, inspire or shape his future. He turned pain into a positive, through creativity and expression.

Last night, Taylor debuted for the first time as Uncle Howdy, without Windham. This was their dream, their vision. Their fairytale to fulfill. He carried this on his back. But more importantly in his heart. As siblings, we’ve always had a strong cord attachment to one another. As the lights when out in the arena and I watched from my TV, my pulse raised. My eyes welled. I felt every ioata with him. While also feeling this warmth, that can only be described as Windham. I’m so incredibly proud of Taylor.

Honoring the memory of a Windham or a loved one while navigating the path of grief is a profound and personal journey. Our family has been on a stage with the outside world to see inside it since 3:33pm on August 24th. A moment in time we as a family will never get past or over. But, somehow— we have to find a way through it.

How does one do that?

In my opinion, It’s in our day to day lives. And creating ways to celebrate their life and legacy, even as we cope with the pain of their absence.

For Windham, it’s in story telling. He was the greatest story teller I’ve ever known. And as we embrace the moments of sorrow, there is a duty to uphold. To keep finding ways to express his madness and genius.

In doing so, it is a testament from our family about the the depth of his love. And our love for him.

Upholding Windham’s homage can be a source of comfort and strength. We hurt. We heal.

In doing so, we keep their spirit alive and find solace in the impact they had on our lives. —

Also, massive, gigantic and amazing praise to @robfee11 and @bakingjason for doing the alchemy behind the scenes. Unreal. You guys are!

Windham, Wish you were here.
Love you more.”

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