Monday, July 22, 2024
NewsWWEMSK Revived As The Rascalz Join Wes Lee In WWE NXT

MSK Revived As The Rascalz Join Wes Lee In WWE NXT



Following his loss to Oba Femi at WWE NXT: Heatwave 2024, wherein a stipulation was that he would not be able to fight for the NXT North American Championship again so long as Femi was champion, Wes Lee came out on the July 9, 2024 episode of WWE NXT to address his future.

He addressed his loss, making no excuses, saying Femi was the better man. But that loss meant more to him than just a shot at a title, and he was thinking about calling it quits.

That is when the MSK theme hit again and out came The Rascalz from TNA Wrestling — Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz (notably not called Nash Carter, his former NXT name) — the former teammates of Lee.

They gave him a pep talk about how they’ve missed him and that it’s time for them to be wrecking shop around NXT and embraced with a group hug.

Are you excited to see The Rascalz, aka MSK, all banded together in this crossover? Do you think they should win the tag titles or do anything else in particular? Drop your thoughts and reactions in the comments below!

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