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NewsWWEMVP Criticizes Triple H Over Not Reviving The Hurt Business

MVP Criticizes Triple H Over Not Reviving The Hurt Business



Opinions are subjective, but it seems the collective agreement within the WWE Universe is that Bobby Lashley’s faction The Pride (alongside B-Fab and The Street Profits, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) just doesn’t measure up to The Hurt Business, when The All Mighty was teaming with Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, managed by MVP.

It seems MVP is in agreement to these fans beckoning for a reunion of The Hurt Business, but that Triple H isn’t quite on the same page.

Three days ago, MVP posted a photo on Instagram of The Hurt Business with the caption “The world was in chaos. We were in harmony. #fashionablyviolent”

Since then, he’s been responding to comments from fans wishing for the stable to reform, calling out Triple H and “the powers that be” as not being interested in it, as well as accusing Paul Levesque of emasculating black men.

When people say Vince McMahon was at fault, MVP has responded by saying “Triple H had the power to fix it. He chose not to. Go figure.”

@swaggersaurusrex quoted Triple H’s infamous promo to Booker T, where he had said “Somebody like you doesn’t get to be a world champion”, but instead, to be entertaining and make people laugh, saying that Levesque must have meant that for real. MVP responded with a telling đź’Ż emoji.

Suffice it to say, this is one side of the discussion. Triple H hasn’t yet responded to these accusations. But it’s at least all the confirmation we need that The Hurt Business is not returning, as if that wasn’t already apparent from Benjamin being out of the company, Cedric Alexander not being regularly utilized, and MVP (and even Omos) largely absent from WWE in recent months, too.

It seems The Pride was meant to straight up replace The Hurt Business with a different setup Triple H would rather prefer. And while there are positives to that group, they’ve yet to make as much of an impression or achieve anywhere near the success.

Do you miss The Hurt Business? What do you think about MVP’s accusations about how Triple H has been treating black Superstars? Keep the discussion going in the comments below!

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