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NewsWWENew QR Code Found In WWE 2K24 Teases Uncle Howdy's Return

New QR Code Found In WWE 2K24 Teases Uncle Howdy’s Return



A series of QR codes have been circulating for several months in WWE.

Each video associated with these QR codes contains new clues teasing Uncle Howdy/Bo Dallas’ impending WWE return.

The latest QR code, featured in WWE 2K24, directs to a video on a specific website titled “Remember.”

The video showcases rapid flashes of various images, such as a shack, a person, a bird, and flies, followed by a message that reads, “Remember who you are.”

The imagery continues with a door opening, the person pointing in different directions, and various symbols and artwork. Towards the end, the person removes their shroud, revealing an obscured face.

A Twitter user noted that the number sequence in the website’s URL (11_19) matches the one featured on Bray Wyatt’s hat during a Firefly Funhouse episode with Alexa Bliss.

You can check out the cryptic clip below:

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