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NewsWWENic Nemeth Comments On The Reason He Lost So Often In WWE

Nic Nemeth Comments On The Reason He Lost So Often In WWE



During a recent appearance on the “Eyes Up Here” podcast, Nic Nemeth (Dolph Ziggler) opened up about his experiences with losses in WWE.

Nemeth revealed that he was occasionally made to lose as a joke at the expense of Pat Patterson, who was reportedly one of his biggest supporters.

Nemeth said, Either nobody is rooting for you in the meeting because you’re not 6’5” or 300 pounds or you’re not Vince’s [Vince McMahon] or Hunter’s [Triple H] favorite guy, so no one is going to be like, ‘Yeah, that’s a good idea, boss. I like him too.’ There is not one of those things. Then, there is also the other extreme where Pat Patterson was a big fan of mine, and he was more of a consultant, so some months he is there every TV, sometimes he’s talking to Vince all the time, and some months he’s gone for a few weeks. He was a little bit older and enjoying his life. Sometimes, there is nobody there, and if nobody has your back, it’s tricky already because I’m not a legacy, I don’t have any inside information or nobody is looking out for you. Also, I got to a point where the top of the top, other than Vince, pulled me aside and said, ‘Pat pushes for you so much because he says such great things and sees such great things in you, that we’re actively ribbing him by having you lose every week.’ He laughed when he said it. I go, ‘That’s funny, but that’s my career where I already lose 80% of the time, now I’m losing 95% of the time. Come on.’ They thought it was a cool thing to tell me.”

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