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Noam Dar Says He Might Not Be In WWE If He Didn’t Move To NXT UK



Speaking with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes, Noam Dar reflected on his move to NXT UK a few years ago after working as part of the 205 Live roster.

Dar currently works on the NXT brand.

Dar said, “Well, firstly transferring to NXT UK was my attempt and risk to take, to put myself in an environment, in a scenario where I could show what I believed I was, what I believed the character was and what I believed I could do with any scenario and circumstance. To have that space in NXT UK, to have the freedom to be myself, to develop that and to be more actualized is what feels true to me. That was really important for me to have that moment within WWE and try it my way without any attachment to any possible outcome. For me it was more just I’ve spent x amount of years trying to kind of play by everyone else’s rules, try and do what I think is right, just walking on eggshells. So I knew as a creative person and beyond any commercial success, I just knew I needed to have a moment in my career where I bet on myself or try to do things my way and if it doesn’t work and then at least I would have that resolution. Luckily, obviously, it’s paying off and it was instrumental to where I am right now. I might not even be in WWE if I didn’t make that move and make that change.”

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