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Pat McAfee – ‘The Kansas City Chiefs Are The nWo Of Football’



WWE RAW commentator Pat McAfee believes a comparison between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New World Order to be pretty accurate.

Like the nWo in WCW, the Chiefs are on a dominant run, with back-to-back Super Bowl appearances to their name.

On a recent edition of his “The Pat McAfee Show” podcast, Pat talked about wrestling fans who have compared the Chiefs to the iconic faction. He said,

“I’ll tell you what, pretty accurate sentiment here… They do have a lot of haters, and I appreciate the fact that this Chiefs team just continues to be a buzzsaw. If they’re anything like the NWO, they’re gonna end up with all the titles, and we just need to sit back and relax and watch that entire show.

“Well, the refs…which is a part of the heel turn. Going into somebody else’s house, stealing their joy, dancing on their faces, heel turn. Got the refs in your pocket, heel turn. Taylor Swift, biggest star on earth, heel turn. So they are, I get [it].”

The Chiefs are set to face the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. The big game will take place next Sunday.

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