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NewsWWEPat McAfee Would've Challenged Seth Rollins Had He Won The Royal Rumble

Pat McAfee Would’ve Challenged Seth Rollins Had He Won The Royal Rumble



Pat McAfee would have planned on dethroning Seth Rollins as WWE World Heavyweight Champion had he won the men’s Royal Rumble match.

McAfee, who was also on commentary for the show, was the #22 entrant in the match but eliminated himself rather than face Omos.

On a recent edition of his “The Pat McAfee Show” podcast, the newly-confirmed RAW commentator shared what he would’ve done if he’d won the Royal Rumble match. He said,

“A lot of people just assume I would go right at the big Uce, Roman Reigns. Nope. Seth F**kin Rollins, I’m coming at you pal. I don’t want to dance with Roman, and Seth has a knee (injury). By the way, (I) don’t deserve the opportunity, don’t desire the opportunity. Would love to watch everything that takes place. You pick Seth because of the knee thing, but Cody wants to finish the Universal (Title) story.” 

McAfee was confirmed as RAW’s newest commentator on this week’s show. He will be calling the action with Michael Cole each week.

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