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PHOTO: Liv Morgan Keeps The Blunt Burning After CJ Perry Nearly Burned Her House Down



As we reported last week here on eWn, WWE Superstar Liv Morgan recently appeared on the “Insight” podcast to reveal that AEW talent CJ Perry nearly burned down her house a few weeks ago.

According to Morgan, the former Lana in WWE has been staying at her house in recent times and was attempting to cook some tacos in the oven. While Perry put the taco shells in the oven, she hit the “broil” button instead of “bake.”

Morgan said, “So like two weeks ago, I fly home from Monday Night Raw and CJ is staying in my house, we’re best friends. So she’s staying at my house and she’s like, do you want tacos? And I’m like, yeah. So she puts taco shells in the oven because she wanted to toast them a little bit. And in typical CJ fashion, she hit broil instead of bake. I don’t know if y’all know what broil is, but broil is like fire. So pretty much my oven went on fire and we’re like, oh my God. I know I have a fire extinguisher and I only know how to use a fire extinguisher because of Extreme Rules 2022. So I swear, in that moment, you don’t even know I’m like, thank you wrestling. So I put out the oven fire and then it burst into flames again. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, so I put out the fire again. And then that was it.”

She continued, “I don’t know if you guys ever put out a fire but the fire extinguisher leaves a crazy residue, this crazy residue all over my kitchen. So then we were on our hands and knees with toothbrushes scrubbing the tiles and cleaning it all up. It was the best-case scenario for a house fire though there was no damage. We cleaned it up and it was kind of just ended up being a funny moment. But it could have been bad but luckily it wasn’t. No tacos. You know what’s funny about it is I don’t even like hard shells, so it would have been for nothing.”

A now-deleted photo shows the aftermath of the near disaster. In the photo, which you can see below, Liv seems to have everything under control. And fear not folks – she kept the blunt burning as the cleanup began (look closely!).

And before you all come raging in the comments section – this is meant to be a fun article. Life is way too short my friends and most of us know that weed isn’t that big of a deal – especially when you’re in the comfort of your own home. WWE also no longer tests for marijuana and they haven’t done so for several years now.

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