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NewsWWER-Truth - 'CM Punk Has No Weakness, Cody's Is That He Cares'

R-Truth – ‘CM Punk Has No Weakness, Cody’s Is That He Cares’



Cody Rhodes is a caring individual, which could prove to be a weakness for the American Nightmare according to the Judgment Day’s R-Truth.

On this week’s episode of WWE RAW, Rhodes and CM Punk had an intense face-to-face ahead of this weekend’s Men’s Royal Rumble match which both men will be competing in.

On a recent edition of the “Wrestle Binge” podcast, Truth was asked about the two popular WWE Superstars and if he sees any weaknesses in either man. He said,

“I think his [Punk] weaknesses, I don’t think he has any. Um, he is straight-edge, he don’t have weaknesses. His strength is not having any weaknesses. That’s cold.

“Cody’s weakness is he cares. He give a damn. And his strength is, he’s the son of a legendary late Dusty Rhodes. He came into this business, he was born into this business… He has roots in this business.”

While Punk may be without a weakness, that didn’t prevent Truth and the Judgment Day from knocking him from the top of WWE’s merchandise top sellers list.

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