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R-Truth – ‘The Miz Is Underrated & Underestimated, He Is The Ring General’



In a recent interview with “The Ringer,” R-Truth shared his thoughts on the unexpected and overwhelming response from the fans since his return at Survivor Series 2023.

R-Truth described the experience as nothing short of surreal and also hyped up his tag team partner, The Miz.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the crowd’s reactions to him: “It was surreal y’all, there’s no words that I can even find. I don’t even think they have made a word for the way I felt in that moment … everything I’m hearing this energetic, this electrified crowd that invested in me, IN ME! I’m hearing that, I’m feeling that. There’s no words to express how grateful I was for that.”

On The Miz: “The Miz is underrated big time. The Miz is so underestimated, when we talk about being a ring general, Miz is a ring general … a match, telling a story, ring awareness, when proper things should be done, how you’re going to feel, how he is as a husband, a father, a friend and he’s always had my back and supported me.”

Awesome Truth won the WWE World Tag Team Titles earlier this month at WrestleMania 40.

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