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Report – Some Believe Vince McMahon May Start Up A New Wrestling Company After WWE Exit



There are rumors in the wrestling industry that Vince McMahon, the former CEO of WWE, might start a new wrestling company.

McMahon resigned from WWE and TKO after being sued by former WWE employee Janel Grant for sexual assault and sex trafficking.

The 78-year-old billionaire has been selling off his stock in TKO and recently registered his remaining shares for sale.

While McMahon seems to be done with WWE, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that some “major players” in the industry believe that there is a real possibility he might launch his own wrestling company when he is legally able to do so.

However, no concrete information suggests that McMahon has made any plans to start such a company just yet.

From a legal standpoint, McMahon has a one-year non-compete clause with WWE that ends in January 2025.

Moreover, the majority of people in the industry do not believe McMahon will launch a new promotion.

The report also highlights several factors that might work against McMahon if he launches a new wrestling company. These include his reputation following the lawsuit, the failure of his last startup (the XFL), an inability to secure television deals and sponsors, the scarcity of talent who aren’t under contract, and his age.

However, McMahon has a fortune that he can use to outbid for talent, and it’s speculated that he may get exposure on a streaming platform to run a company at the level of TNA or the NWA.

Some sources believe McMahon might start a new company because wrestling has been a significant part of his life, and he might not want to let it go.

It is also believed that McMahon could outbid on contracts, which could be formidable for his competitors.

One source argued that even though WWE is currently managed by his son-in-law Paul “Triple H” Levesque, McMahon was the one who got The Bloodline going and convinced Cody Rhodes to leave AEW for WWE, allowing Rhodes to become WWE’s top babyface.

Nevertheless, no concrete information suggests that McMahon is starting a new company, but again, some “major players” in the industry believe he might do so in the future.

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