Thursday, May 30, 2024
NewsWWEReport - WWE To Undergo Major Production Changes

Report – WWE To Undergo Major Production Changes



Pwinsider is reporting that WWE is set to undergo changes to production from now on, which include limiting the use of Augmented Reality (AR).

WWE plans to scale back its use of AR, as the technology was used weekly on RAW and SmackDown.

Now AR will only be used occasionally, possibly just for pay-per-view events.

Friday night’s episode of WWE SmackDown marked the final time AR will be used regularly.

WWE also plans to use a smaller stage setup, as they did on RAW earlier this week. This would enable them to fit more fans into the shows by making room for more seats.

Furthermore, WWE plans to cut back on the number of staff members and equipment brought to shows for lighting and production purposes.

WWE is also set to cut back on the number of production trucks.

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