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Rey Mysterio Felt “Naked” Without His Mask In WCW



Rey Mysterio felt he was practically naked after being forced to unmask in WCW despite himself and others being against the unmasking.

At SuperBrawl IX, Mysterio and Konnan lost a Hair vs. Mask match to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall which resulted in the master of the 619 losing his signature mask.

On a recent edition of the “JAXXON” podcast, Mysterio recalled losing the mask in WCW and what it meant for him at the time. He said,

“It was actually very weird for me because my whole life I’d been wrestling with the mask… I’m going to have to lose the mask that night which we fought for a long time trying to convince them not to lose the mask but that was at the end of the day that was their decision and they wanted me to lose it. So it felt kind of weird at first, felt like naked.

“The mask is a huge attraction for the kids, you know superhero vibe. They [WCW] really didn’t brand the mask the way they should have or they could have. But sure enough, that came right after. Once I signed with WWE, they put those masks all over the place and because of that you know it’s one of the most iconic masks around the world.”

Rey added that despite his mask being on the line in WWE matches in the past, the company has never realistically considered him losing his iconic headwear.

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