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Rey Mysterio Recalls Being ‘Scared Sh*tless’ After Accidentally Breaking The Undertaker’s Orbital Bone



While appearing on the latest edition of Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson’s “JAXXON” podcast, Rey Mysterio recalled an incident with The Undertaker.

Mysterio reflected on a time where he accidentally broke ‘Taker’s orbital bone during a match. He said,

“Not to mention that the first time I wrestled him (The Undertaker), I ended up breaking his orbital socket. I was scared sh*tless… I do this move where I spring on the top rope and I jump and I pretty much sit on your chest and bring you down. I think what happened is when I sat down and we both fell, my ass went like this, and it pushed up against his face. I’m not that big.

Imagine being the first time you’re stepping in the ring with him, as a legend that he is, I just wanted to make sure that my work was good enough to please him to say, ‘Aye, let me work with him again’ and I wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt. We protect each other. We gotta feed, we gotta fight, we gotta live to fight another day and we gotta make sure we’re good. But with him… I was really tense. That butterfly nervous feeling that I have every time I step in the ring, it was like three times as much working him for the first time. But overall, an incredible person, incredible human being. 

100 percent (Undertaker knew it was a mistake). No, no, no, no, no (he was not upset) and we worked again a couple times after that too.”

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