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Rey Mysterio Reveals Whether It Bothers Him To See Fans Post Unmasked Photos Of Him



During a recent appearance on “The Wrestling Classic” podcast, Rey Mysterio revealed that he’s cool with fans posting pictures of him without his mask on. He said,

“You know, it’s something I really don’t mind. A lot of fans recognize me and it’s kind of like a new era of wrestling. For a while, I did wrestle without my mask and a lot of fans know me because of that. But overall, I always try to give the fans the time and respect if getting asked for a picture or being recognized to take that time to be able to take a picture with them. Some have actually asked me, ‘Is it okay if I post it?’ I always give them the okay, ‘Do whatever you want. It’s your picture now. If I took a picture with you, it’s because it’s okay.’ But I respect the fact and I appreciate that they ask me if it’s okay if they can post it.“

In other news, Willow Nightingale has nothing but high praise for Mercedes Mone, saying she is pushing the AEW women’s roster to step up their game.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Talk is Jericho” podcast, Nightingale said, “Just from her walking out and doing her entrance in her outfit, and the outfit change in the same show. She has this aura and it really makes you think, ‘Alright, I’m going to step up. If you’re going to bring this level, we have to match this aura and presence.’”

She continued, “I know I can. I believe in myself that I can do that. Every challenge that has been put before me in wrestling, whether I thought I could overcome it or not, I have. I’ve gotten through it,” she said. “The term game changer gets thrown around a lot in wrestling, but for us, it really is a game changer.”

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