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Rhea Ripley On Headlining Elimination Chamber, Maven Reveals WWE’s Old Social Media Policy



On a recent edition of the “Cheap Heat” podcast, Rhea Ripley shared her experience headlining the 2024 WWE Elimination Chamber: Perth pay-per-view event.

Ripley successfully defended the WWE Women’s World Championship against fellow Aussie Superstar Nia Jax in the main event of WWE Elimination Chamber: Perth.

Mami said, “I hadn’t been there to compete in seven years. Last time I was there, I competed for Riot City Wrestling. So coming back not only a WWE Superstar but your Women’s World Champion, it’s incredible. My face was on the [X, formerly Twitter] hashtag. I don’t think that’s saying enough, right there. That was Mami’s show. It was absolutely epic and everything that I could have dreamed of and to see my family in the front and see all my friends, it was a very special moment for me.”

Ripley relinquished the WWE Women’s World Championship on last week’s episode of RAW after suffering a shoulder injury at the hands of Liv Morgan.

Maven recently took to his YouTube channel to post a new vlog, this time looking at the 2012 WrestleMania talent handbook and the company’s social media policy at the time.

You can check out some highlights from the vlog below:

On the book’s guidelines for social media engagement: “Now, the last page, 21, in this handbook, something that definitely did not exist during my time, the Twitter guidelines and they use an entire page to tell you the do’s and don’ts of how to utilize social media. Some of it is using hashtags for specific events including ‘#WrestleMania, #Axxess, #WMParty, or #WWEHOF.’ So, they’re encouraging wrestlers to post and have a unified hashtag while posting.”

On the book’s suggestions for social media interactions: “‘Be sure to frequently check ‘@Replies’ on your Twitter app. Take a moment to answer quality questions/comments from your followers on your WrestleMania experience.’ The WWE just recognizing that fan engagement means so much and can be so useful on a platform like Twitter or X. The final one, ‘Share your emotions. Be sure to tweet your pre and post-match thoughts. They will be retweeted by @WWE and @WrestleMania.’”

On his reaction to how much changed between his release and the book’s dissemination: “It amazes me to see that, in the few years from the time this WrestleMania happened from the time that I was let go, how much had changed. The fact that they were encouraging you to put out your thoughts, they were encouraging fan engagement, and they were encouraging you to have an opinion on what just happened. Not saying it wasn’t like that during my time, but I’m not saying it wasn’t either.”

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