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NewsWWERicochet Stretchered Out Of WWE RAW, Possibly Written Off Television?

Ricochet Stretchered Out Of WWE RAW, Possibly Written Off Television?



In storyline, Ricochet was forced to leave Monday Night RAW in an ambulance after an attack from Bron Breakker. Now, WWE has provided an update on social media regarding his condition following RAW’s conclusion.

To recap, Breakker’s feud with both Ilja Dragunov and Ricochet continued on Monday night as Breakker defeated Dragunov in a match. He did so much damage to The Mad Dragon that Ricochet needed to not only come out to fight off Breakker, but try to help Dragunov to the back.

There, Breakker went on the attack again, spearing Dragunov and, eventually, powerslamming Ricochet onto a car’s windshield and hood.

Ricochet was stretchered out of the arena in an ambulance, accompanied by his fiancée, ring announcer Samantha Irvin, as Michael Cole put out the information that RAW General Manager Adam Pearce was not there tonight to corral Breakker.

Pat McAfee subbed in for Samantha to announce Drew McIntyre vs. Finn Balor for the main event, adding his unique flair to the introductions.

With rumors and speculation abound that Ricochet will be leaving WWE soon, it’s only natural to assume, based on the company’s track record, that this was done to write him off television for that exit. This has yet to be confirmed, but the sheer lack of storyline updates to coincide with this angle following RAW may be an indication something is up.

Author’s POV: If you’re asking me for my personal perspective, I do think it’s suspicious, but not necessarily a guarantee. More often than not, when someone is not being booked well, their contract is coming up, and there’s buzz around them leaving, they do tend to get released from WWE. This angle was brutal enough that it would suffice as a send-off. If WWE mentions any other updates, I’ll be more inclined to think he’s staying, but if we hear nothing by the time the next episode of RAW is over, I think that’s a sign Ricochet is gone from WWE.

As always, stay tuned to for more updates and information on this storyline, Ricochet’s future, and more.

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