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NewsWWERiddick Moss On Being Competitive With Bron Breakker, Afa Anao’i Update

Riddick Moss On Being Competitive With Bron Breakker, Afa Anao’i Update



Riddick Moss and Tenille “Emma” Dashwood recently appeared for an “East Coast Autograph” virtual signing, and Moss recalled getting competitive with Bron Breakker at the WWE Performance Center.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On who hit the ropes faster between him and Bron Breakker: “They’ve timed this thing, man. I got the record at the PC. They got laser times. We’re not talking hand time. Sean Hayes, he was the head coach at NXT at the time, he was with the XFL and whoever they merged with now, he’s the head of all player performance there. He timed it, I hit the ropes faster, and I inspired Bron when I was training with him, coming off of my ACL surgery. He said, ‘I noticed you hit those ropes pretty fast.’ I said, ‘Yeah, that’s right. That’s what I do.’”

On Breakker: “Let me just finish up by saying, I sounded kind of bitter and jealous of Bron there. I’m a huge fan of Bron, personally and professionally. I think he is an absolute stud. I just had to put myself over a little bit. Bron gets plenty of attention. But I will say this, too. I love that many people know me from my time in WWE as the guy who ran fast. It’s low in the qualities that make a great superstar [laughs] but it was something I really emphasized. So I’m glad that it stuck out. I just wanted to make it clear that I think Bron’s a stud.”

While Afa Anao’i was scheduled to undergo back surgery on Tuesday, the surgery was postponed.

Pwinsider is reporting that the WWE Hall of Famer was set to undergo surgery to repair fractures in his back after he suffered a recent fall. It was noted that Anao’i was set to undergo a heart valve replacement surgery and doctors are in the process of deciding whether to do that first and then repair his back later.

We send our best wishes to Anao’i and his family.

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