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Rob Van Dam – ‘Triple H Didn’t Believe I Was A Good investment For WWE’



On a recent edition of his “1 Of A Kind” podcast, Rob Van Dam reacted to the narrative of wrestlers like Paul London and Ryback who blame Triple H for ending their WWE pushes.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Triple H being one of the boys but also running creative: “Who knows what someone else thinks or feels? Hunter was in a position where he’s both office, and at the same time, he’s talent. So that’s a hard position to be in, as far as, you’re going to be looked at from the other talent as if you have an unfair advantage of pushing yourself over them. Of getting ahead, maybe with less talent than would be required, and to put the brakes on other people’s pathways. And at the end of the day, all of that is true. But it’s also kinda’ is fair, maybe. Because you are in that position. And so if you are, let’s say you sit at the roundtable. You and five other knights; there’s six of you, and you all have equal say, right? If you really believe that pushing yourself is going to bring in a lot more money than pushing these other guys. Even if you hear a lot of chatter about these other guys, you disagree and you don’t think that they’re worth the investment of the company’s time and energy. If you really feel like this would be a better business decision then guess what? Then that’s what you’re doing. And you’re making that decision. You are involved in it. There is no rules against that.”

On talent blaming Triple H in the past for their pushes ending: “And so a lot of wrestlers will say the reason that they were stopped was because of Triple H. Because he was either jealous or was just because he’s with the boss’s daughter, this and that. But if you look at him as an executive who has decision-making power. If his vote is that, ‘We don’t use these guys’ for whatever reason, it really is a legitimate, fair power that comes with that position.”

On Triple H voting down on plans for him: “I think professionally — I’m guessing, like I said, I don’t know. But there’s a good chance that professionally, he didn’t believe that I was a good investment for the company. And that’s based on hearing that he would vote ‘thumbs down’ on some plans that were talked about for me. That’s based on a lot of hearsay. It’s based a little on some personal experience, that opinion. And when it comes to being jealous or not, I don’t know. I think that Paul London meant that ‘RVD is superover, even though they tried to bury him or tried to circumvent his rise, the fans aren’t having it because he’s so awesome, so cool. And so a lot of talent would say, ‘Man, that’s not fair. You should be the guy that’s getting pushed to the moon right now. And the reason you’re not is because his a** is in the office.’ And a lot of guys would look at them and say that’s because, ‘He’s jealous because he wants it done his way?’

“I guess — I don’t know. Because he wants it done his way or because I didn’t connect with him and didn’t connect with Vince in a way where I built that relationship that maybe he felt was a requirement, that I didn’t really understand or know about or care about, or whatever. So there you go. You know, I think that Paul London meant on talent, on fan interaction, and overall the reaction that I was getting from the wrestling universe despite getting Pedigreed at the end of every show. It could be looked at like he was doing that to try to stop it.”

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