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NewsWWESami Zayn - 'I Left The Arena Before The Wyatt Sicks Debuted'

Sami Zayn – ‘I Left The Arena Before The Wyatt Sicks Debuted’



It’s safe to say that Sami Zayn wasn’t among those who were part of the “massacre” that ended Monday’s episode of WWE RAW.

During an appearance on today’s edition of “Blue Jays Talk” on Sportsnet, the reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion revealed that he left the arena before The Wyatt Sicks debuted at the end of the show.

Zayn said, “Yeah, so, I actually didn’t even know that happened because I left the arena right after my thing was done. So, maybe five or ten minutes before all that stuff happened on Monday Night Raw, I had no idea and I left the arena and I didn’t look at the results of what happened or anything. Then, I get to my hotel and I tweet out the presale code for my comedy show and all of the replies from the fans are like, ‘Your co-workers have been killed, what are you doing tweeting out the comedy show?’”

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