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Sami Zayn On Triple H’s Creative Leadership, WWE Most Wanted Treasures Note



WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures will return with new episodes on A&E later this month. The new season is slated to air on Sunday, April 14.

The two-hour premiere episode will feature Booker T seeking out WCW, World Championship Wrestling, and memorabilia.

During a recent appearance of the “Superstar Crossover” podcast, Sami Zayn shared his experience working under the creative leadership of Paul “Triple H” Levesque.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his recent promo segment with Jackie Redmond: “I don’t know, that might be a Triple H creative direction. I think they’re doing a lot, and you can actually see it in the production and some of the camera shots and all these things that we’re doing. I think they’re trying to really get outside the box lately and really let the people who are very, very talented — and I’m talking about behind the scenes, that’s why they work here.”

On interviews in WWE have been more sports-oriented recently: “To answer your question about Jackie [Zayn’s interview with Jackie Redmon], it is just like a new approach to interviews with different styles and things like that. Some of it’s a little bit more sports-oriented. I thought it was pretty cool and I think it’s also that I’ve interviewed with her not just the one week when we launched the story, but she’s kind of been like a recurring thread, like, ‘Okay, where are you at now? And then this happened, so where’s your head now?’ And it’s kind of following the journey. I thought it was pretty cool.”

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