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Scott Steiner – ‘Bron Breakker Owes Me A Check For Stealing All My Sh*t!’ + More News



Scott Steiner believes Bron Breakker can reach “Roman Reigns’ level” of success in WWE.

Speaking during a recent appearance at the “For The Love of Wrestling” convention, the WWE Hall of Famer commented on his nephew having all the potential in the world.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On whether Breakker can hit Roman Reigns’ level in WWE: “Oh, there’s no doubt he can reach that level. It just takes time. I think he’s ready, he just needs some more seasoning wrestling against good guys. When you wrestle against good guys, you get better. I think he’s ready, he just needs to make the right moves here and there and you never know what can happen. He’s doing good.

“The one thing you have to be a good at as a professional wrestler is the interview. When he was just a little boy, six or seven years old, he’d ride his bike over to my house. He had watched Monday Night Nitro and then he’d come over and do the interview on me, my exact same sh*t, talking sh*t to me. Man, come up with your own sh*t. It was in his blood from a very young age, that’s probably why he’s so good at it right now.”

On Breakker using his moves: “[jokingly] Of course, he’s stealing all my sh*t. Oh yeah, I call him out all of the time. [laughs] Matter of fact, he owes me a check!”

While Damian Priest and Roman Reigns haven’t wrestled each other just yet, the Judgment Day member is looking forward to the opportunity at some point down the road.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Superstar Crossover” podcast, Priest commented on his desire to face off against the Tribal Chief, as well as The Rock’s return to WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On The Rock’s return and wanting to face Roman Reigns: “I mean, The Rock is back. Seriously, man, right now because that’s the main focus WWE, right? I’ve never squared up with Roman. So that’s always that’s always in the back of my head. You know, like, ‘Huh, we’ve never touched, nothing.’ So I’d be lying if I didn’t say I haven’t thought of that.”

On possibly cashing in Money in the Bank on Reigns: “If only he was around more often and he was on SmackDown more often, but time to time will tell. Look, I’m not going anywhere. He’s not going anywhere. We’re gonna square up at some point. So I look forward to that.”

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