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NewsWWETed DiBiase Sr. Reveals The Most Expensive Purchase Of His Life

Ted DiBiase Sr. Reveals The Most Expensive Purchase Of His Life



On a recent edition of his “Everybody’s Got A Pod” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. discussed the challenges of working with certain individuals in the ring and the importance of respecting boundaries during matches.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On being hit with a real punch during a match: “It’s inevitable that you’re gonna get hit at some point. And I would think that if it was an intentional hit, that you would know it immediately. But if it’s an accident, or what have you, usually, it’s like, if you threw a potato, then they say, expect a receipt. Well, the only time I would ever throw a genuine receipt would be if I thought that it wasn’t an accident, or it was just carelessness.”

On someone being stiff: “If he’s doing stuff that, I mean, it’s like — because the first rule of wrestling in reality is, my first concern is your body. I’m supposed to do everything I can to make sure you don’t get hurt, and he’s supposed to do everything he can to make sure I don’t get hurt. And so, that’s old school. And you do your best to do, in the context of what you’re doing, obviously. If you were to — I don’t know, there’s a lot of things. But if you were just careless about what you did, and it was obvious that you were careless, then that would be worthy of a receipt.”

On the most expensive thing he bought: “Oh, my gosh. Well, my wife and I have lived here in Mississippi for 43 years now. And our first home was in a nice little neighborhood, in a suburb of Jackson, Mississippi. And then it’s kind of like, then we went to another one. Another home in another neighborhood, it’s almost like a progression. And I guess once I became the Million Dollar Man, the third home that we bought — or not bought, built — was probably one of the, you know. Because now I’m the Million Dollar Man, and this is a very nice neighborhood. It was a two story — oh, my gosh, I can’t remember the [square] footage. But the master bedroom was downstairs, four bedrooms and a game room upstairs. And my office was just off the front door on the right, when you come in the house. And you know, a pretty fair-sized swimming pool and backyard…

“A lot of those things, I wanted to make sure that my wife was not only uncomfortable, but that she was in a nice, safe neighborhood with no trouble. And it was kind of like, when you turn into this neighborhood, it’s like this — maybe I’d say, a quarter of a mile from the highway. And when you get back there, and you make the first turn into the neighborhood. That first long, it’s just like a quarter of a mile. And then you’re in this really nice neighborhood with big houses everywhere. Wanted to make sure that Mama was taken care of well.”

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