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The Awesome Truth React To Losing The WWE World Tag Team Titles On RAW



On Monday’s episode of WWE RAW, The Awesome Truth lost their WWE World Tag Team Championships to Finn Balor and JD McDonagh after Liv Morgan interfered.

Following the show, WWE posted a “Digital Exclusive” where the team commented on their loss and what’s next.

You can check out some highlights from the “Digital Exclusive” below:

The Miz on Truth saying he “screwed up”: “Yeah, you did. I told you time and time again, you don’t give World Tag Team Championship matches to just everybody. You have to earn the right. There’s a reason why we have to make it prestigious, why we have to make it honorable. You just don’t give it, especially to people that you can’t stand, the Judgment Day.”

R-Truth on his goal to win the titles back: “You acting like it’s over. This run ain’t over with yet. That was just a hiccup… That’s all it was, dog. Were The Awesome Dog. Is that gonna stop us? They got something there belongs to us. I never liked them. None of them. Let’s get back what’s rightfully ours.”

The Miz on not defending the titles at SummerSlam: “SummerSlam is in my hometown. It’s in Cleveland, Ohio. Do I think that we’re gonna go back to Cleveland Browns Stadium? Probably not. This might be my one shot, the one opportunity, the one chance to be at the place where I grew up as a child, and I thought we were gonna go there as tag team champions. But now we don’t have those.”

R-Truth on competing for the titles at the show: “But how about winning back the WWE World Tag Team Championship in your hometown? You can have your moment like I had my WrestleMania moment. We had that moment together. The Awesome Truth is all about creating moments. Let’s create another one and another one and another one. But next stop, Cleveland, Ohio. Your hometown.”

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