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The Latest Update On Giulia’s WWE In-Ring Debut



Giulia is expected to commence her tenure at the WWE Performance Center in late June or early July, with plans for her to participate in the NXT Heatwave pay-per-view event on July 7.

Giulia is anticipated to contend for one of the women’s titles during the event. However, whether this will be for the NXT Women’s Title or the NXT North American Women’s Title remains unclear.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that sources in Japan familiar with Giulia have indicated that she may not be starting with WWE as early as NXT Heatwave.

Similarly, individuals in Rossy Ogawa’s new Marigold promotion hold the same belief.

Meltzer said, “Those close to her also say she will not be starting that soon, and all the necessary paperwork for her, her mother, and her boyfriend, who are moving with her to Florida, has to be completed for her to be in NXT full-time.”

Giulia is currently working for Marigold out of her commitment and gratitude towards Ogawa, who played a pivotal role in her success at STARDOM before she joined WWE.

It is worth noting that Giulia sustained a right wrist injury during a match last week.

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