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The Latest Update On Xia Lee, Gabe Kidd Continues To Trash Talk Randy Orton



Gabe Kidd is interested in seeing rappers Megan Thee Stallion and Ice Spice come to New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “WRESTHINGS” podcast, Kidd said,

“Meg Thee Stallion, number one. I saw you were in Tokyo, babes, and you didn’t even holler at me, so you might have to move down to number three, honestly, for that. But number three, Meg Thee Stallion.”

He continued, “Number one, that’s a hard spot to fill. Ice Spice, you can come over there. Listen, I don’t want to like you, Ice Spice. You talk a bit too profanity for me, but…listen, tone it down, Ice Spice. You don’t need to talk about your batty every given opportunity. We get it, we can see it. There’s there. I can see it very clearly. Listen, you can come in 100%. Bushiroad, get Ice Spice on there right now. I want Ice Spice to come to Wrestle Kingdom and watch me beat the sh*t out of Randy Orton.”

Xia Lee has been announced for West Coast Pro’s ‘Queen of Indies’ event, which takes place on August 17th in San Francisco, California.

You can check out the official announcement below:

“Queen of indies update

XIA LEE will compete at Queen of Indies!


Saturday, August 17th 2024
The United Irish Culture Center
San Francisco, Ca

Get your tickets now!”

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