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The Rock – ‘I Have Never Felt More Pressure To Deliver Than I Did During This WWE Run’



World Wrestling Entertainment is hoping that the match between Cody Rhodes and The Rock happens when the latter returns to WWE, something the company has teased and is reportedly planning.

The Final Boss had previously mentioned his intention to come back and target Rhodes, regardless of whether he’s holding the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship or not. Many have speculated that the match will take place at WrestleMania 41, something The Rock recently teased.

Speaking with Mike Coppinger of ESPN, The Rock reflected on this latest stint. He said,

“I have never in my entire career felt more pressure and more heat to deliver than I did during this run. Number one the idea of coming back and what that means … and then being granted complete ownership of ‘The Rock’ and that entire trademark and everything with it, there’s that pressure. Then the pressure of pivoting on a storyline that had been brewing for two years quietly and privately. We always knew we had the mega match with Roman and I in our back pocket. It feels incredibly gratifying … to be able to deliver the way that we did as a team is the most gratifying thing about this entire journey.”

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