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The Rock – ‘I’ll Do Worse Than Slap Cody If He Trashes My Family Again’



The Rock has threatened to do more than slap Cody Rhodes like we saw at the WrestleMania Kickoff event if the American Nightmare trashes Rock’s family again.

On social media, The Rock delivered a lengthy message about Rhodes and what transpired at last month’s event. He said,

“You know where you really screwed up? It’s when you talk shit about my family. All the Cody crybabies, ‘No, he didn’t, no he didn’t.’ Shut your mouth. You talked shit about my family. What’d you call them, Cody? Then you spoke about Roman’s grandfather, you spoke about my grandfather, the great ‘High Chief’ Peter Maivia. I did to you Cody Rhodes in that moment what I would do to you a million times, which is slap the taste right out of your mouth. Then what happened? [Laughs] The Rock embarrassed you in front of the world, boy. Slapped the sh*t out of you.

“You had it coming. Talk sh*t about my family again. Said it to you then, I’ll say it again. I’ll say it forever. Talk sh*t about my family again, and I’ll do worse than that. Then what happened? Your new best friend, you got a new best friend, the walking clown show known as Seth Rollins. What did Seth do? The Rock slaps the sh*t out of you. Seth steps to The Rock. The Rock pushed him back, gave him a little love tap. Get back. Get back, boy. You don’t want any of this. The Rock doesn’t know you. You don’t know The Rock. You don’t want to know The Rock in that way. This is none of your business. The Rock doesn’t know Seth Rollins, never said a word about Seth Rollins, publicly, privately, doesn’t matter. The Rock has no idea.”

The Rock has since deleted the video. The Brahma Bull will be on tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown on FOX.

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