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The Undertaker’s Daughter Wants To Get Into The Wrestling Business



The Undertaker recently sat down with Chris Van Vliet to talk about a number of topics including how his retirement has been going, getting closure at WrestleMania XL, and much more.

But one of the moments in this interview that we may look back on in the future as very noteworthy was The Undertaker mentioning that his daughter is “all about the business” and wants to get into it.

She’s only 11 years old, but she points out the leg slaps, even.

Chris Van Vliet asked how The Undertaker feels about his daughter getting into wrestling, to which The Deadman responded: “If her heart is in it, and she puts in the work, I’ll support her. She’s a tremendous athlete.”

Apparently, she’s a flag football player at the moment, and ‘Taker put that over as the fastest-growing women’s sport at the moment. eWn wishes her the best of luck in her upcoming tournament.

Do you think we’ll see Kaia Faith Calaway in a WWE ring in a few years? How in the world would that family tree work out with Kane and Paul Bearer in kayfabe? Drop your fantasy booking ideas in the comments!

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