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NewsWWETommaso Ciampa Whiffs Attempt To RKO Randy Orton Before WWE SmackDown

Tommaso Ciampa Whiffs Attempt To RKO Randy Orton Before WWE SmackDown



One of the best things about an RKO is that it can come out of nowhere. At least, that can happen when Randy Orton is the one doing the move.

When it comes to Tommaso Ciampa, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Always having fun on social media, #DIY talked about what really grinds their gears, focusing on how great The Viper is, “with his stupid/awesome music and his stupid/awesome muscles.” Ciampa’s idea of revenge was to give Orton an RKO of his own.

Unfortunately, he made the mistake of broadcasting it with a loud #OUTTANOWHERE, giving Orton a heads up. The Apex Predator casually moved out of the way, dodging Ciampa’s strike with ease.

You can check out the video from Johnny Gargano’s Twitter page below:

It’s always fun to see the WWE Superstars playing around and enjoying themselves backstage (or in this case, before the show started). Clearly, Gargano and Ciampa hold Orton in high regard, and it’s great that Orton is enjoying his time since his return.

Should we get more collaborations between #DIY and Orton in the future? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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