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Trick Williams On Joe Hendry – ‘All I Had To Do Was Say His Name’



Trick Williams is pleased that Joe Hendry’s theme song is honest with the lyric “Say his name and he appears” following this week’s episode of WWE NXT.

During the show, Williams was in need of a tag-team partner, and after bringing up Hendry in an interview, the TNA wrestler competed in the main event.

In a WWE ‘Digital Exclusive’, Williams and Hendry celebrated their victory and the former NXT World Champion appreciated Joe teaming with him. He said,

“It felt good to get a little payback on Spears and Ethan Page today. But trust and believe, I will not rest until I get my NXT Championship back. Shout-out to Joe Hendry. All I had to do was say his name.”

Hendry’s involvement on WWE NXT was teased during the closing moments of NXT: Heatwave. It’s been reported that Hendry will be a focal point of the NXT-TNA crossover going forward.

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